The lateste league of legends Riot Points Generator


League of Legends Riot Points Generator

Tired of spending money on riot points? Well, spending real money on RP can be expensive at long term. That’s why we decided to develop a generator that would give free riot points.


league of legends riot points generator


Features of League of Legends Riot Points Generator: 

  • -RP Points Generator
  • -Updated Everyday
  • -More than two thousand codes working weekly



How does the League of Legends Riot Points Generator works?


We buy the points for the cheapest prices and we save them in a database with over five thousand codes and we can give them away since we do money by getting traffic to our site.

This generator is updated everyweek with new codes so it works for everyone. You will now be able to get any skin or champion without spending anything.


What LoL servers is this LoL RP Generator Currently Working? 

This is working on all servers, you just need to generate the code and redeem it.


Can i get banned from this?

Of course not, the codes are original and were sold by legit sources.


How can i download the file?

To download the file just click on the download button, after that a survey will appear, complete one of the offers so you will be able to unlock the file and download it. This will keep leechers away.


How many codes can i generate a day?

You can generate any codes you want but please remember that other people also may need them so don’t be selfish because there’s plenty of codes here.


Can i sell the codes ?

You can’t resell neither the codes or this generator.




League of Legends free rp

What is Leage of Legends?

League of Legends is a RTS game with the strongest userbase in the world. There are millions of players playing this game and thousands of new players everyday. So you may find some less skilled players on the game that sometimes will try to feed or make you loose the games. Because of that you will have difficulties to farm IP so you won’t be able to get new champions when you want.

That’s over, with this league of legends new generator you will be able to buy any champion and any skin on any time in an easy way. Click generate and voilá.

This game also has a ranked system that will be able players to rank up on different leagues. There are 5 different leagues and it requires some skill and hardwork to be able to go up on them. Players start on bronze for default and rank their way up to diamond.




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