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Football Heroes Hack Tool 2014

football heroes hack tool


  • Undetectable
  • Add unlimited Coins
  • Working with all devices and OS
  • Instructions will come with the download

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how can I improve my team in Football Heroes?

When you start a game, you have a right team on your hands, but it never hurts to upgrade its players as you move in the solo mode. That said, there are two ways you can add assets to your team.
The first is by purchasing some players through the submenu items. Here you will find a number of players available with special abilities , like the ability to make a jump shot compensation group , a strong rookie or a more talented quarter , among others. Most can be purchased with coins in the game, you earn during each contest , but some require direct purchase, usually no more than $ 1.99. Personally, you should be fine with the players available to purchase coins.
The other way is through bridges. It is a collection of cards featuring players , boosts and other assets that you can add to your collection, including CD Combo and bridges. As the players cards , you can buy coins in the game, or if you prefer, an in-app purchase .
The bridges are the best deal, you get more for your money and in some cases , a large casual surprise that really adds power to your team. However, if you want a specific competence for your team , players are not a bad way to go .

How do I earn coins in Football Heroes?

You earn coins by taking part in games. You will win if you manage to win every match-up , but you will also earn a little by completing certain objectives , such as the use of power-ups , completing a number of yards or to three or more touchdowns in a contest . Some are harder than others, but at the end of the game, you will earn a pretty sweet bankroll.
If you want to make even more moolah , you can buy a splitter coin for an additional $ 2.99 – or you can simply buy more parts directly , ranging from $ 0.99 for 500 coins , all the way to $ 19.99 for 35,000 coins. We suggest that if you want to raise your skills in the game right away . Otherwise, just play on – pretty easy to beat the game if you know what you are doing.



Top Eleven Hack and Cheats

Top eleven Hack

Top Eleven Hack details


  • Version : 5.2
  • Operating System:  XP / Vista / Windows 7 /Windows  8 / MAC
  • Virus Protection : 100% safe



Top Eleven Hack Features


With this top eleven cheats tool you will be able to add unlimited top eleven cash and tokens. This hack is also fully undetectable so it means you won’t get banned by using it.

It is currently working on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.


top eleven hack download




Top Eleven Guide and Tricks:

If you discovered the addiction of Top Eleven on Facebook and looking for tricks or tips to improve your team , this post is for you !
The Top Eleven is a soccer game that is on facebook and allows us to manage a team , like we were us coaches a football team seriously .
That said , if you already have the addiction of this game , but you can not win games or beat the opponents who would win , here are a few tricks to be able to improve your team , and consequently , to win your opponents so being the champion of league.

top eleven hack and cheats

Create a winning tactic:

First, you must choose your preferred tactic ! Just so you’ll be playing to your taste !
There are all tactics available like in real life , 4-4-2 , 4-5-1 , 4-3-3 , etc …
I personally prefer the 4-4-2 tactic , but you can choose whatever you want , because this part is not very relevant .

Make a quality team:

Now yes, this is important since , in fact , very important , because from here is the performance of your team that you will take victories , so you should start building your team .
As the game starts at level 1 , the average of your team will start with values ​​between 12 and 14.


Buying players :

Initially , you can only buy players through auctions …
From the fourth level already can do negotiations.
You can also choose your scout players who advises you, but it has a very high price because you need 50 tokens to be able to make the purchase , so I do not advise .

Develop your team:

This is perhaps the most important part of the Top Eleven .
Once you have your team , you’ll have to train and develop . To do so, please go to “Training” section .



This hack is currently working on January 2014 and it’s being updated every week.



Injustice Gods Among Us Hack Tool 2014


Injustice Gods Among Us hack


Injustice Gods Among Us Hack Features:

  • Add Power Credits
  • Add Unlimited Energy
  • Unlimited all Boosters
  • Add any Hero
  • Works with PC, Mac OS, all browsers and all mobile devices(Android  iPhone).
  • Automatic check for new updates
  • Tested and 100% working
  • Private Proxy support (100% Undetectable, 100% Safe)

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Superheroes in fighting

Witness the cast of iconic characters of DC Comics (dubbed in Portuguese) is beating is enough to draw attention to Injustice. But to hold players you must provide a refined fighting system. The team from NetherRealm Studios (Mortal Kombat latest criadoresdo) succeeded. The story is interesting, full of reinventions of familiar characters, and there is also a range of extras to be unlocked and a robust training mode with all sorts of information that a fighting game fanatic could want. Although purposely modeled to attract fans of comics to games, Injustice proof also have content to entertain more experienced players.


What is Injustice Gods Among Us?

For lovers of fighting games , this generation of consoles has seen huge returns , but also new intellectual properties . This is the case with Injustice : Gods Among Us , the new fighting game NetherRealm . If Super Street Fighter IV with Tekken Tag Tournament II , Soul Calibur V and even Mortal Kombat proved that producers with scrolls within the genus known to inject enough new stuff in their most award-winning series , other games like BlazBlue , Street Fighter X Tekken and now Injustice : Gods Among Us , show that still left room for gender and that there are more alternatives beyond the most famous series . Being essentially new projects for those who have less affinity for some of the series installed to NetherRealm , Injustice GAU is a good evolution of his latest work , Mortal Kombat , released in 2011 .

Injustice Gods Among Us cheats


Although games originated from the same studio , the existence of similarity turns out to be unavoidable even if it is in structural terms. Having regard to the gameplay , presentation and its contents , only in terms of accommodating the characters on stage is that we can find points of rapprochement between the two productions . Going deeper into the mechanics of combat and news prepared keeping in mind the vast universe of DC Comics , the print and the final results end up revealing very different games . And much of that difference is due to the good realization of this DC Universe that led by Ed Boon , NetherRealm ‘s creative director , managed to accomplish.

The originality of the narrative is perhaps the most salient point of departure for an experience that , beyond the traditional livelihood based on more traditional scams and mechanical achieves an authentic atmosphere of action and destruction , capable of causing a strong impact on those who arrive here joining it a fascinating design , inspired by places like Arkham Asylum , Metropolis and Atlantis . In fact , this is one of the games most authentic and well made ​​that I had the opportunity to play this generation fight, and passed me by the hand almost all fighting games .


Dominate Call of Duty Ghosts with the Cod Ghosts Hack

call of duty ghosts hack hacks cod




Looking for working call of duty ghost hacks? You can download cheats for call of duty in our website. Our last release of the call of duty hack is working 100%. You can now use it not only offline but also in multiplayer mode without being detected. This has been working on PC and PS3. So if you want to dominate the matches give a try to the ultimate call of duty modebox tool.



Cod Ghosts Hack Features:

Prestige Hack – Get to level 10th prestige in less than one minute and unlock every weapon, perk and camo with just a click.

Flying Hack – The recent fly hack let you fly around the map so you can kill enemies faster.

ESP – Know every info about your enemies ( HP, map position, their guns )

Wallhack – The famous wallhack will let you see every enemy thourh the walls of the map.

Aimbot- One shot one kill, shoot to the head and don’t waste any bullet with this aimbot feature.

Anti-Ban System- This hack is  totally safe since is undetectable by the VAC system.


cod ghosts hacks cheats download



Call of Duty Ghosts tips and tricks to be better in multiplayer

Call of duty ghosts


Play the campaign

The multiplayer is better than offline mode in Call of Duty , but the campaign as well as being very well done graphically , has one of the best storylines ever written for FPS games . The CoD : Ghost even won an Academy Award through its writer Stephen Gaghan .

And it will help with the multiplayer mode  since is ideal for beginners to learn the game mechanics , and for the more experienced , to familiarize yourself with the news. After you finish the campaign you are officially no longer a noob in multiplayer !

Do not abuse the sprint

Running is good. Running from a protected area (cover ) to another , for example . But the game does not forgive , everything has a good side and a bad side . If you do not need , do not run . Your weapon has to be the prepared to attack .

There are two things that can help the ” sprinters ” . Learn to play Knife for critical moments , and the Ready Up team perk that makes you loot the gun faster.


Keep your perimeter

Do you know why most players have problems with the average Kills and Deaths in Call of Duty ? Why they are attracted to the center of the map and usually the center of the map has a lower level of protection. Try watching a few YouTube videos of experienced players and see that they maintain a secure perimeter .

In the center of the map , you need to have virtually a 360 ° view . Within a secure perimeter , will likely reduce the danger of being surprised by 50% .



Do not be camper

Camperar ( or the super noobs , hidden stand waiting for someone to pass to kill the surprise) is an old habit of noobs and even some experienced . But it has to be done intelligently. In CoD : Ghosts , camperar most often is not a good idea . The maps do not help this type of player , and the more experienced usually know every corner of the map.

Being a camper will not only hurt your team , how do you barely be seen by other players and worsen its quality as a player . Levante take courage and go meet map! To learn to kill , have to die much earlier.


Stay tuned to reload

Just think about how many times you died for lack of ammunition , reloading for being in the middle of shooting. This happens by the craze of players recharge when killing an enemy . And in most cases , has a bastard just waiting for you to do so , or who was riding in a group.

To break this habit try the following : whenever you kill someone , wait a few seconds in a safe place to ensure that no other enemy approaching . And another thing that helps dying under: team Sleight of Hand perk , it helps to recharge faster!

Criminal Case Hack – Add Unlimited Cash, Coins, Speed, Energy


As you may now, computer games are getting so popular that everyone on facebook is playing games. Have you seen the new trend about criminal case? It is the most played game on facebook nowadays. Everyone is playing it. But you may seem strange how some people are advancing so fast on the game or getting so much gold and cash. Well, they have been using Criminal Case Hack Tool, a cheat tool made by a french team that was able to hack into the zynga system and find an exploit that made possible to players to get unlimited number of cash, coins, speed and energy on Criminal Case.

So if you don’t want to spend hours on this game you can use our hack tool and be able to advance really fast in this game

Criminal Case Hack Tool



Criminal Case Hack Features:

  • Add Unlimited Coins
  • ADd Unlimited Cash
  • Add Unlimited Speed
  • Add Unlimited Energy
  • Working with Every browsers and mobile devices
  • Working on MAC.
  • Anti-ban system so you won’t get banned ( undetectable )
  • Working with the latest update of the game


Criminal Case Hack Tool Cheats Download Now




15 Steps on how to play Criminal Case – Tutorial Guide

Step 1 – Go to the game page.

Step 2 – No need to register, just click “play game” to start the game.

Step 3 – Right then, the mission of tutorial will show on the screen. If you do not want the help of the game, click “skip”. If you want to follow the instructions to learn how to play, just click anywhere on the screen with the left mouse button.

Step 4 – You will be introduced to the most basic command of the game: collect clues at crime scenes. At the bottom of the screen, there will be six tracks that you have to get on the right side and the tab “hint”, which you can access up to five tips that will show where such objects are. Take everything in the shortest time possible to score more points. To pick up an object, simply click on it.

Step 5 – Then it’s time to do an autopsy on the body. In the actual game, the process takes a bit and uses more energy. In the tutorial, in five seconds she’s done. In this type of action the user does nothing but wait to receive the results indicate that the main details of the murder.

Step 6 – After that your coworkers will give you some more clues and ask you to examine them. In this case, place mini-games that make some new information is released. Can be puzzles, guessing sequences with numbers blurred, etc.. If you solve the mystery, you can earn quite valuable details on the investigation.

Step 7 – After completing a profile criminal investigations be made and, with this information, you go to the police station to try to identify the killer. Just click on each one to read your information and compare if they have all the characteristics to be covered by the accurate description of who committed the crime. Once you know whom to arrest, click “arrest” and it will be sent to the grids. But beware, you need to be sure who you’re holding!

Step 8 – Now that the tutorial is ready, it’s time the real game. First, customize your character and leave it to your face.

Step 9 – Ready. Now go to the second chapter, the first in which you will play without help from the tutorial. You will be taken to a map where a police car leave your character in episode number 2. Click it to start the investigation.
Step 10 – Now, the thing is more difficult. No name, no body of victim information. Investigate the first crime scene, find objects and then develop their line of investigation. Note that at the top of the screen is your level, how much energy you will have to use (every action requires a number of energy and it recharges over time), how many points earned and the amount of money you have (money can be purchased with a credit card by the game itself).
Step 11 – An interesting detail is that now you do not play alone and even more with the standard detective game. In each research you can choose a friend to be your partner. Effectively, it does not do much, it is only to encourage the social side and allow interactions with that person later. At the end of the mission, you can give cards to friends and receive energy in the form of gratitude.
Step 12 – After investigating crime scenes, you’ll probably have to go back to them and get more objects to gain more points and stars, and so go releasing new shares. And autopsy surveys, for example, every need of a star. So it is very important to be as fast as possible in gathering evidence for points and complete the stars with speed.
Step 13 – Autopsies are longer, reaching the last more than twenty minutes, and the plot is not as simple as in the tutorial. There are more suspicious, more evidence, new mini-games to uncover hidden pieces, and several elements that make the game fun and more complicated. But always with the same mechanics: hunting elements, perform autopsies on bodies, examine objects and investigate people.
Step 14 – Also note that on your tablet, where the investigations begin in the lower left corner, there are some small icons. The first takes the user to the map. The second goes to the customization options. The third is a link to the energy where you can buy items to recharge it faster, the room are the que cards you get from your friends and They can be combined to yield bonds and the Latter takes the gamer to the classification of points between the contacts.

Step 15 – Now that you have learned the basic functioning of Criminal Case, go behind the evidence and solve cases. The tips are: think carefully before any action to save energy, be quick to get extra points and do not miss any detail.

Diablo 3 Free Gold Hack


Are you a fan of diablo 3 and need some gold? We’ve got good news for you!
Here , easily you can get  gold in your game for free!


diablo 3 gold hack

Diablo 3 Gold Hack Generator Features:

  • Add Any ammount of Gold
  • Undetectable with the last update

download diablo 3 hack gold generator


How to use Diablo 3 Gold Hack Generator?

After downloading this hack just open the game and execute it. After that choose the gold ammount you want to generate and click on the button “Begin”. Now wait some seconds and check your game. The gold was added.

How to download this tool?

To download diablo 3 gold hack generator click on the button download, after that you will be taken to complete a small survey so we can make sure you are not a bot. Complete it and after that you will be able to get the file.






Some extra information:

Diablo 3 on ps4?

Diablo 3 will be on console PS4 as PC gamers may already known.

The output of Diablo 3 on console whose future PS4 does not go unnoticed and in particular to PC gamers. 
latter, not particularly well treated when the output of Diablo III with connection problems, unbalanced classes, bosses not at the top and a loot system poorly designed jealous players Diablo 3 console .

Diablo III console is true that it is on a PC: a gem of hack’n'slash with areas to be cleaned from floor to ceiling to refuel gold coinsused to equip his character as it moves up the levels and gain experience.

For the record, in Diablo 3 , everything is played in isometric view nickname, one character progresses in settings that change randomly each connection and meeting Boss monsters and other creatures you control overpowering.

Experience is the sinews of war, because it is what unlocks the skills necessary for his character to prove himself on the battlefields ofDiablo III and be louder.

Diablo 3 obviously includes weapons, armor and magic items that are “Drop” and improved through gems that can crimp in certain objects in order to improve.

A new feature of Diablo III is the introduction of a craft functionality particularly thorough and elaborate, but ultimately quite simple to use.

Solo players can apel of mercenaries to balance a little chance to fight and be a little less less alone.

The same five character classes : barbarian warrior with the strength of Hercules never back down from a fight melee , the Demon Hunter , a warrior tireless running their targets with a large arsenal of ranged weapons , the Witch , spiritual warrior invoking the souls of the dead or crawling creatures to do his will , Monk , warrior saint who channels divine power through sheer force of will and the Sorcerer , a renegade caster uses his body as a vessel for channeling arcane energies .

Generally , Diablo 3 on console for the same content as the PC and the icing on the cake is available not only PC with the latest version 1.0.7 , but with some features of Update 1.0 . 8 output in May .
So Diablo III console immediately inherits the best , always taking more and addictive :
- The race is now valid for items boss finally let go of some items ( yellow) and even an average player regularly find legendary items ( orange) on a regular basis .
- In addition , at the end of the game, and the Infernal Machine Paragon .
- All forms of traditional difficulties are present and are unlocked as usual As the game ends in the previous mode .
- A new feature is the ” Monster Power ” is stronger monsters , but increases XP gain and the probability of finding gold and magical objects .
A player console Diablo III , so start in normal mode and choose a feeding option premium monsters , to relieve easy to master V for fights spices .


These additions are not the only inovations of Diablo III console 

From a hack’n'slash to mouse keyboard, it passes control to the joystick. 
Interface Diablo III console has been completely redesigned to make the most of the buttons on the controller and take into account the limits Console.

Instead of a system of tabs Diablo III console inherits a circular inventory where you can inspect the equipment and skills depending on the chosen stick direction.

Compare objects, eliminate or repair, make new, everything is alive and well in Diablo 3 on console and some inovations, like those little symbols that summarize in a glance intake armor, life and attack of an object would certainly be valued on PC.

In Diablo III console , the characters respond well, you’re never caught out by a questionable handling or bizards choice even if it is certain that a jump easier with a PC mouse.

Diablo 3 on console is absolutely not a Diablo at a discount. As PC, difficulties will come from multiple runs needed to unlock all modes and grinds to win Golds and XP.


 CoasterVille Hacks




CoasterVille Hack



We’ve been releasing some popular hacks for facebook. Today we give you the latest working hack for CoasterVille. This hack took us some weeks but it’s finally working as we wanted: Simple, effecitve and safe. This Cheat tool is really easy to use and it’s free. You can add coins, cash and energy to your coasterville account in a fast way.

Zynga games have been growing up lately and some exploits on their games have been found. That’s how we got this hack to work. So have fun with coasterville hack .

download coasterville hack



CoasterVille Hack Features


    • Add Coins ( 0 to unlimited )
    • Add Cash ( 0 to unlimited )
    • Add Energy ( 0 to unlimited )
    • Anti-Ban System ( Undetectable )


How can i use CoasterVilleHack?

Just click on the download button. You will be taken to a survey completing page. To unlock the file complete one of the surveys and after that the file will unlock so you can download it and use it.

After download, open it and choose the browser you are using. After that step choose the amounts you want to generate and click on the button connect. Enjoy !


Is this CoasterVille hack safe to use?

We can guarantee that this hack is totally safe to use and it won’t get you banned.




Some CoasterVille extra information:

Coasterville was created by zynga. In this game like roaller coaster tycoon you can make an incredible park. You can create and design your own roaller coasters, all kind of buildings, food restaurants etc… There are also some hundred of different characters that will make this game in a really fun game to play. Why don’t you try it yourself? The possibilities in this game are endless so after some hours of playing it you will want to play more.

There are thousands of players playing this game. Bring your friends and you let them visit your park and see all features of your amazing constructions. This is one of the top 5 games created by zinga that you can find on facebook, and if you use coasterville hack you will have even more fun.



Need For Speed World Boost Hack 2013

So many requests of need for speed players looking for a NFS World hack we decided to launch need for speed world boost hack.
Have you been looking for boost points for your need for speed game? You came to the right place. Our generator just got released for every need for speed player.

need for speed world boost hack




Need for Speed World Boost Generator Features

  • Add unlimited SpeedBoost
  • Working on all countries 
  • Anti Ban system ( 100% undetectable )
  • Weekly updates
  • Now working on MAC


need for speed world boost hack download

 How do i download need for speed world boost hack?

It’s very easy to download this hack. First of all click download. After that step a survey will pop up. Choose one of the offers and complete them with legit information. It may take 2-3 minutes to do it. As soon as you complete it the file will unlock and you will be able to download the file. Sorry for this security reason but it’s the only way to keep bots away.




Need For Speed World Game information

Need for Speed: World was made by EA Games, also known as Electronic Arts. This game was launched for computer on July 27, 2010.

The main goal in this game is to be able to earn reputation by finishing races in first places. During the game when you level up your driver’s skill will get better and improve. There are many racing skills. You will need to spend them in what you think it fits better for you. It also depends on the car you are using and your not so strong points.

The cool feature in this game is that you can have many drivers. It is possible to change them during the game so the game will even be more fun. This feature reminds me of the new feature they are implementing on GTA V.


World of Tanks Hack 2014


World of Tanks is one of the most played online multiplayer games with hundreds of players to contend with heavy machinery in each round of shells shoot to win the match. We are proud to present you with the updated private World of Tanks Hacks now released to the public through our website. We added some new interesting features of this tool and now it works perfectly and most of the bugs are fixed.

world of tanks hack


World of Tanks Hack Feature:

  • Unlimited Gold Amounts
  • Unlimited Credits amounts
  • Add XP
  • Anti Ban System working 100%
  • Updated Weekly



world of tanks download hack



world of tanks

World of Tanks Game aditional information:

World of Tanks is one of the most played online games. It was made by the company Belarusian. It is a vehicle fighting game with many different options. The main mode in the game is the PVP ( player versus player ). During pvp each player will get his own tank or vehicle to destroy the others.

There are more than 250 vehicles in the game.

There are millions of registered players on this game, if you never played it i recomment you to try.

There will be also released a xbox 360 version of this game, we still don’t know the date but hope it is as soon as possible.

If you’re looking for a great game to have some fun with your friends you should try this game right now.


Defiance Hack

Defiance Hack 2013

We are pleased to present you with the new hacks Defiance for multiplayer. These hacks were sold for $50 as private software in a well-known hacking forum, we had the chance to get a copy and crack and now we share it for free right here. Defiance is a new FPSMMORPG based on a TV series (if you have not checked yet, go and do it … ). This hack has some interesting features that we hope you will enjoy and use sparingly.

defiance hacks

Defiance Hack Features: 

  • Infinite Health
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Reload
  • Save Location
  • Wall Hack
  • Teleport
  • Radar Hack

defiance hack


defiance download button


How to download Defiance Hack?

To download defiance Hack just click on the download button. As soon as you do it you will be asked to complete a small survey that may take about 3-5 minutes. You’ll have to do a survey for security questions and to keep bots ( not real humans ) away.


Is Defiance Hack safe for me?

Usually our team make the hacks, this hack wasn’t made by us so we aren’t behind any update it may occur, but for now it’s been 100% safe and never got a player banned.


What is defiance game?

Defiance is a mmofps that was made by the famous game company Trion Worlds.

This game occurs on the future in the so called planet earth. It was released in 2013 for either playstation 3 and xbox but after was released to PC.


While other MMOs are based on classes, Defiance is different. You can choose a so called origin. Origins do not limit players abilities and guns. You will have a big variety to choose.

If you are looking for a great game, based on the famous TV Series than Defiance is the game for you, you won’t regret.