Cod Call of Duty Ghosts Hack


Dominate Call of Duty Ghosts with the Cod Ghosts Hack

call of duty ghosts hack

Looking for working call of duty ghost hacks? You can download cheats for call of duty in our website. Our last release of the call of duty hack is working 100%. You can now use it not only offline but also in multiplayer mode without being detected. This has been working on PC and PS3. So if you want to dominate the matches give a try to the ultimate call of duty modebox tool.

Cod Ghosts Hack Features:

Prestige Hack – Get to level 10th prestige in less than one minute and unlock every weapon, perk and camo with just a click.

Flying Hack – The recent fly hack let you fly around the map so you can kill enemies faster.

ESP – Know every info about your enemies ( HP, map position, their guns )

Wallhack – The famous wallhack will let you see every enemy thourh the walls of the map.

Aimbot- One shot one kill, shoot to the head and don’t waste any bullet with this aimbot feature.

Anti-Ban System- This hack is  totally safe since is undetectable by the VAC system.

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Call of Duty Ghosts tips and tricks to be better in multiplayer


cod ghosts wallhack

Play the campaign

The multiplayer is better than offline mode in Call of Duty , but the campaign as well as being very well done graphically , has one of the best storylines ever written for FPS games . The CoD : Ghost even won an Academy Award through its writer Stephen Gaghan .

And it will help with the multiplayer mode  since is ideal for beginners to learn the game mechanics , and for the more experienced , to familiarize yourself with the news. After you finish the campaign you are officially no longer a noob in multiplayer !

Do not abuse the sprint

Running is good. Running from a protected area (cover ) to another , for example . But the game does not forgive , everything has a good side and a bad side . If you do not need , do not run . Your weapon has to be the prepared to attack .

There are two things that can help the ” sprinters ” . Learn to play Knife for critical moments , and the Ready Up team perk that makes you loot the gun faster.

Keep your perimeter

Do you know why most players have problems with the average Kills and Deaths in Call of Duty ? Why they are attracted to the center of the map and usually the center of the map has a lower level of protection. Try watching a few YouTube videos of experienced players and see that they maintain a secure perimeter .

In the center of the map , you need to have virtually a 360 ° view . Within a secure perimeter , will likely reduce the danger of being surprised by 50% .

Do not be camper

Camperar ( or the super noobs , hidden stand waiting for someone to pass to kill the surprise) is an old habit of noobs and even some experienced . But it has to be done intelligently. In CoD : Ghosts , camperar most often is not a good idea . The maps do not help this type of player , and the more experienced usually know every corner of the map.

Being a camper will not only hurt your team , how do you barely be seen by other players and worsen its quality as a player . Levante take courage and go meet map! To learn to kill , have to die much earlier.

Stay tuned to reload

Just think about how many times you died for lack of ammunition , reloading for being in the middle of shooting. This happens by the craze of players recharge when killing an enemy . And in most cases , has a bastard just waiting for you to do so , or who was riding in a group.

To break this habit try the following : whenever you kill someone , wait a few seconds in a safe place to ensure that no other enemy approaching . And another thing that helps dying under: team Sleight of Hand perk , it helps to recharge faster!

Top Eleven Hack


Top Eleven Hack and Cheats 2014


top eleven hack

Top Eleven Hack details

  • Version : 5.2
  • Operating System:  XP / Vista / Windows 7 /Windows  8 / MAC
  • Virus Protection : 100% safe

Top Eleven Hack Features

With this top eleven cheats tool you will be able to add unlimited top eleven cash and tokens. This hack is also fully undetectable so it means you won’t get banned by using it.

It is currently working on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.

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Top Eleven Guide and Tricks:

If you discovered the addiction of Top Eleven on Facebook and looking for tricks or tips to improve your team , this post is for you !
The Top Eleven is a soccer game that is on facebook and allows us to manage a team , like we were us coaches a football team seriously .
That said , if you already have the addiction of this game , but you can not win games or beat the opponents who would win , here are a few tricks to be able to improve your team , and consequently , to win your opponents so being the champion of league.

top eleven hack proof

Create a winning tactic:

First, you must choose your preferred tactic ! Just so you’ll be playing to your taste !
There are all tactics available like in real life , 4-4-2 , 4-5-1 , 4-3-3 , etc …
I personally prefer the 4-4-2 tactic , but you can choose whatever you want , because this part is not very relevant .

Make a quality team:

Now yes, this is important since , in fact , very important , because from here is the performance of your team that you will take victories , so you should start building your team .
As the game starts at level 1 , the average of your team will start with values ​​between 12 and 14.

Buying players :

Initially , you can only buy players through auctions …
From the fourth level already can do negotiations.
You can also choose your scout players who advises you, but it has a very high price because you need 50 tokens to be able to make the purchase , so I do not advise .

Develop your team:

This is perhaps the most important part of the Top Eleven .
Once you have your team , you’ll have to train and develop . To do so, please go to “Training” section .

This hack is currently working on September 2014 and it’s being updated every week.

Football Heroes Hack Tool


Football Heroes Hack Tool 2014



football heroes hack coins tool

  • Undetectable
  • Add unlimited Coins
  • Working with all devices and OS
  • Instructions will come with the download

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how can I improve my team in Football Heroes?

When you start a game, you have a right team on your hands, but it never hurts to upgrade its players as you move in the solo mode. That said, there are two ways you can add assets to your team.
The first is by purchasing some players through the submenu items. Here you will find a number of players available with special abilities , like the ability to make a jump shot compensation group , a strong rookie or a more talented quarter , among others. Most can be purchased with coins in the game, you earn during each contest , but some require direct purchase, usually no more than $ 1.99. Personally, you should be fine with the players available to purchase coins.
The other way is through bridges. It is a collection of cards featuring players , boosts and other assets that you can add to your collection, including CD Combo and bridges. As the players cards , you can buy coins in the game, or if you prefer, an in-app purchase .
The bridges are the best deal, you get more for your money and in some cases , a large casual surprise that really adds power to your team. However, if you want a specific competence for your team , players are not a bad way to go .

How do I earn coins in Football Heroes?

You earn coins by taking part in games. You will win if you manage to win every match-up , but you will also earn a little by completing certain objectives , such as the use of power-ups , completing a number of yards or to three or more touchdowns in a contest . Some are harder than others, but at the end of the game, you will earn a pretty sweet bankroll.
If you want to make even more moolah , you can buy a splitter coin for an additional $ 2.99 – or you can simply buy more parts directly , ranging from $ 0.99 for 500 coins , all the way to $ 19.99 for 35,000 coins. We suggest that if you want to raise your skills in the game right away . Otherwise, just play on – pretty easy to beat the game if you know what you are doing.

Minecraft Gift Code Generator


Minecraft Gift Code Generator 

 minecraft gift code generator 2014

Today, we will release the new Minecraft Gift Code Generator ! Minecraft Code Generator took a lot of development time , mainly because crack codes was not that easy . Now that we finally ended Minecraft Gift Code Generator , we proudly present to the public!

Our Minecraft Gift Code Generator is very fast and you can generate a Minecraft Gift Code that works in just 3 seconds ! Please generate and use only the number of codes you need . In this way , the generator is operable to anyone as long as possible .

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Download our gift code generator Minecraft now to play Minecraft for free !

About the game :

There are three main aspects in the game, beyond just move into the background with a view to first person . The first aspect consists of mundane things with which it is easier to interact : blocks , objects , animals and plants. Players can generally reap what they need by right clicking on these objects , and they get in return materials . Agriculture and livestock are the top of this part of the game

The second is magical : your character or your items can be enchanted with magical abilities . Potions concocted from various elements in the game , improve your character while items can be enchanted from a magic table that provides more powerful enchantments when it is surrounded by books .

The third aspect, as well as more complex , Redstone is a system in the game to create electrical circuits. With Redstone , players can build automatic doors, complex devices harvest animals (read: slaughter ), and even computers running fully in the game is difficult to handle for many players the first time, but Minecraft will definitely reward you if you can learn the personal investment.

Fortunately, Minecraft is flexible enough that players can enjoy the game in their own way . It even offers two game modes , Survival Mode with a focus more on dodging enemies and construction, while exploring the surprisingly beautiful landscape. If you are more Redstone and / or huge architectural gems , the Design Mode offers a range of each block and objects in the game

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Minecraft Gift Code Generator


Download Minecraft Gift Code Generator .
Start the Minecraft Gift Code Generator .
Click ” Generate Code”.
Copy the Minecraft Gift Code.
Paste the code on and repay your game Minecraft !
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Download Minecraft Gift Code Generator Now !

Warning: Do not share these files with someone, a patch can be applied . Visit this site for updates .

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Black Ops 2 Hack 2014


black ops 2 hack

Features of Black Ops 2 Aimbot Hack Download V2.0






- Name
- Distance
- Pose
- Skeleton
- Sentries
- Dogs
- Explosives
- 2D Radar

Anti Ban System

- No Recoil
- No Spread Misc
- PlayerHud
- Get Fps
- Draw Time
- Draw Resolution

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Tips to Become Better at Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Another awesome innovation that has taken the gaming world by storm, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is indeed quite awesome, provided you are good at it. However, for those who suck at it, Black Ops 2 can be a rather frustrating experience. But that does not mean you cannot get better. Here are some tips that can help your game.

Try Combat Training first.

Practice can sharpen your skills in this game and that is exactly what Combat Training is for. If you are a mere beginner, do not skip this part. It is also crucial not only for practice but for getting yourself familiar with the maps. As you know, the more you know your way around, the better your chances are at survival. You can go through the Combat Training by yourself or team up with a friend. You can trust the AI players to challenge you. This way, they help you get ready for the real battle.

Learn tactics from COD TV.

This is another feature that beginning players should take advantage of. The COD TV will allow you to see points on the map. In addition, it is a good way to learn the tactics that the top players are using. You can also learn a few things from the guns and equipment choices.

Choose your weapons according to your play style.

Picking the right class of weapons is indeed crucial to performing well in Black Ops 2. But the only way you will learn your play style is to keep playing and practicing. For instance, if you are the sneaker type, you may want to pick perks such as the Blind Eye and Cold Blooded.

Keep moving.

It is very basic but beginners often forget it. You become an easier target when you stay still or remain on the same spot for a longer time. But this can be unavoidable, especially if you do not know your way around the maps. So, again pay attention to learning the maps and be familiar with it as much as possible.

This does not mean however, that you should just run out in the open. Do not be careless in that way. When you move, you need to have a target cover.

Take advantage of the radar.

The radar can tell you when one of your teammates had been killed and the location. This way, you know where you can find your enemy.

Start with the low score streaks.

Do not rush yourself by rushing and aiming for the high score streaks. If you are just starting with the game, go for the low score streaks simply because they are much easier to achieve. And when you do achieve them, such will help you get XP faster.

The bottom line is to become familiar with the Black Ops 2 first and the tools available for the taking. Maximizing the use of these tools will help increase your chances of excelling in this game. And when you are doing well, you will probably enjoy it more than you actually are at the moment.

Payday 2 Keygen


Payday 2 Key Generator 2014


payday 2 key generator



Want to play Payday 2 but don’t want to pay the game on steam? With our key generator you will be able to generate a key for the game and redeem it on steam so you will be able to play payday 2 for free.

Generated keys work only for PC version of PAYDAY 2.

payday 2 key generator 2014

download payday 2 keygen 2014

 How to use Payday 2 keygen?

First of all download the latest version of our payday 2 keygen. You will be asked to complete a survey, you can do it in 2-3 minutes.

When you get the file open the payday 2 generator and click on “GENERATE” to get a serial cd key. Go to steam and redeem the cd-key.

Don’t forget to share it with your friends and please do not resell any of the cdkeys.

What is Payday 2?


Payday 2 is a four-player coop shooter where you are part of the original payday gang. It offers you a whole new experience. There’s a big improvment in the combat system, a modified loot carrying and many different weapon upgrades and missions with huge open areas.

Team Up with friends and get ready for dozens of different heists where you will be able to rise up as a criminal. Many surprises will be thrown at you while you play this game.

There’s also a new mask costumization option where you will be able to choose from hundreds of different masks to use and change their colour with a new system.

The skill tree system on this game has been improved since the first game. You will have many classes and depending on each class you will be able to choose different weapons. The enforcer will carry the heavier weapons while the Mastermind will negotiate with the cops and can make them friendly. These are only 2 of the many classes that you can find in the game ( Ghost, Technician…).

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